How We Are

Our Story

We were born in Washington Heights, an immigrant neighborhood of New York City. We know our neighbors, and they know us. My Bodega Online was born because we want to keep in contact with our clients all the time.

But our story is not only a New York story, it is a global story.

In New York City our stores are called bodegas, but in Mexico they are abarrotes, in Philippine are called sarisairs, in Japan is konbini, in Dominican Republic is colmado, in South Africa is spaza, in Singapure is mamak shop, and in India is kirana.

Our Team

We are based in New York City with energy coming from the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Singapore and South Africa. Do you want to join us? We can use your help.

Our Actions

MyBodega.Online connects you with your local small grocery, corner or convenience stores. Use the web, or our app, to order a delivery from your local store. Text or call the store, and they are ready to deliver anything to you.


If you have any question about the app or your delivery, email us at or text us at (917) 818-1917